JE Design & Development

I am lucky enough to do what I love. I thought it was about time to share

I'm Jamie. This is what I love to do!

Completely Self-taught Full Stack Web Developer looking to advance looking to use my skills to save the world! Maybe not save the world, but definitely solve problems and make awesome websites and applications


I code in all sorts of languages, which language depends on the given task at hand

Technologies I use

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Node.js and more

Tools for the job
  • VSCode
  • BitBucket
  • Github
  • Bootstrap
  • Libraries
  • Imagination!


I don't just code. I can also deploy. From setting up Ubuntu or using Cpanel

Where do you need it

Heroku, git, AWS, GoogleCloud, GoDaddy

Anything else
  • Install Ubuntu
  • Set up MYSQL
  • Setup PHP
  • Setup Node.js
  • Deploy via Git/SSH
  • Dev sites
  • Deploy to production


Because I can build and deploy, your website is one thing you dont need to worry about

Sit back and relax

Everything will get taken care of, enjoy the break

Maintenance you say
  • Updates
  • Amends
  • Re-factoring code
  • Re-Designs
  • Domain registration
  • Automated services

Recent work

This is some of my recent work. Feel free to take a look

Weight Watchers Prizes

Mecca Bingo Christmas

Grosvenor Casino

Bunzl Advantage

Regus UK

Namco Funscape

WynEdwards Electrical

Beefeater Vouchers

Dunelm Annual Review


This is what people who work with me say...
Outstanding work for a one-off event micro site / attending landing page for customers. Great functionality and design.

Jamie Seal

Sealed Performance

I couldn't fault the work that Jamie did for my company. Everything was completed well within the deadline and at a more than reasonable price

Connor McDermott

Craft-d Gin

If you would like a chat, fill out the form. Coffee is on me

I would love to hear about future work or projects